Friday, April 4, 2014

And Then You Dye (Needlecraft Mystery 16) by Monica Ferris

This series has another cast of enjoyable characters that I enjoy visiting every time.

Betsy is a natural-born yarnsmith—so it’s only fitting that some of her favorite items to stock come from the dye-works of Hailey Brent. Hailey makes hand-dyed knitting wool, silk, soy, and corn yarns. She uses only natural vegetable dyes, creating soft and beautiful colors. Which means her yarns are expensive, but well worth it.

Unfortunately, someone thinks they’re worth killing for.

When Hailey’s body is discovered shot dead in her workshop, Betsy discovers that there was a lot about Hailey she would have never guessed. Like her penchant for stealing other’s property for her own use. Her use of dangerous additives to create her so-called all-natural fibers. And a scheming mind that had made her more than one enemy.

The police start investigating and soon put Marge, who owns the nursery next to Hailey’s home, on the suspect list. Marge approaches Betsy to prove her innocence, and Betsy un-eager to do so, agrees to look into the case.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Real Macaw by Donna Andrews (Meg Lanslow #13)

I love all the main characters in this series and they all show up true to form. 

Meg tends to leave her babies to Michael's care a bit too much in this book. 
She keeps mentioning how exhausted she is, but she's always out and about town helping everyone pack up the offices since the town was bought by a large company.
Weird... yes..  fun book... yes.
The Synopsis:
During a 2am feeding for her four-month-old twins, Meg Langslow hears an odd noise and goes downstairs to find her living room filled with dozens of animals—cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, and a stunningly foul-mouthed macaw. She soon learns that financial woes have caused the local animal shelter to repeal its no-kill policy. Her kindhearted father, her zoologist grandfather, and other like-minded citizens have stolen all the shelter’s animals, both as a gesture of protest and to protect them until the hated policy can be repealed. But the volunteer who was to transport the animals to new homes has been murdered.

Monday, March 31, 2014

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I just found out about this giveaway and it ends at midnight tonight, so don't wait to enter!
At first I wasn't going to enter but there are some books that are written in only ebook format that I miss out reading.  
Plus, whenever I ask someone reading an ebook I ask how the transition from paper books went.  
Every person said they love it, every person said they don't miss reading paper books.  
The readers are light weight and you can adjust the brightness and size of font!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Murder as a Second Language by Joan Hess

A Claire Malloy mystery.  I like the character of Claire Malloy but I'm not fond of the personalities of her daughter or the young man that works at her bookshop.   This was not one of my favorite story lines, but still worth reading.  It kept me involved enough to keep trying to figure out 'who done it'.   I like Joan H's writing and look forward to the next one. 
Claire Malloy—now a married woman of leisure—tries her hand at volunteering, but instead lands her right in the middle of another murder investigation.  Longtime bookseller and single mother, Claire Malloy has recently married her long term beau and moved out of her less than opulent apartment into a sprawling, newly remodeled house.  Her daughter, Caron, is making plans for college. All of which leaves Claire with something she hasn't had in quite a while: spare time. When her attempts to learn French cooking start getting "mixed" reviews, she agrees to help Caron and her best friend Inez in fluffing up their college applications by volunteering as an ESL tutor with the Farberville Literacy Council.  But her modest effort to give back quickly becomes a nightmare when she’s railroaded onto the Board of Directors of the troubled nonprofit. Vandalism, accusations of embezzlement, epic budget problems, and a cacophony of heavily-accented English speakers are just the tip of the iceberg. Just as she decides that it might be best to extricate herself, Claire gets a frantic call from her husband, Deputy Chief Peter Rosen. One of the students, an older Russian woman named Ludmilla, famed for her unpleasantness, has been murdered in the offices of the Farberville Literary Council. For the first time ever, Peter actually asks Claire for her help.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hickory Dickory Dock by Agatha Christie

A Hercule Poirot mystery.   Agatha Christie was a genious.  Every book of hers that I have read were excellent.  I may go back and read them in series order, just for fun.  Each book is an entity to itself, no order is required, I just like to read books in order of when they were written. :)
One day, Poirot notices 3 mistakes in his letter. When he asks his secretary, Miss Lemon, what's wrong, she tells him about the curious thefts in the boarding-house her sister is manager of and concern for her sister is interfering with Miss Lemon's typing abilities.  Poirot interviews the residents and finds the culprit. After everything is settled and the culprit is about to be engaged, murder strikes.  The police write it off as a suicide.  Poirot  investigates and comes across another murder many more twists and turns.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Storm Warning: The 39 Clues - Book 9 by Linda Sue Park

The whole story line of the 39 Clues is a bit unbelievable since 2 children and an unrelated guardian manage to travel all over the world, with unlimited funds and escaping near death in every adventure.  Yet, for a YA book, I find the characters enjoyable and continue to read the series.

Amy and Dan are going to Jamaica to find the next clue. They find out that their rival, Eisenhower knows where they're going and they start suspecting their closest friend, Nellie is betraying them. When they get on the plane Nellie tells them what she's doing but didn't tell them who she was working for.

On their way Amy and Dan found a bear claw, a serpent medallion, a small silver snake that's a nose ring, a strip of gold, and a dragon fang. These things were used to open a special box and their new friend, Lester got that kind of box for them but he sacrificed himself to prevent it from Amy and Dan's worst enemy, Isabel. Nellie brought Amy and Dan and the box to the person she was working for and that person told them to open the box in less than one hour. They had managed to open it and then the person told them that he was Fiske Cahill. Fiske helped them by telling them seven clues and Amy and Dan started to trust Nellie.

They found out that the next clue is in England and were told to win the clue hunt and bring all of the Cahill family including Dan and Amy's enemy's together. After that, they set off to England.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Borrower of the Night by Elizabeth Peters

This is the first book in the Vicky Bliss Mystery series.
I liked Vicky Bliss from the start and plan to read the rest of the series.
Somehow it is written in a Nancy Drew style mystery but I can't pinpoint why I was reminded of Nancy.
In this first book of the series, we meet art historian Vicky Bliss.  She is as beautiful as she is brainy--with unassailable courage, insatiable curiosity, and an expertise in lost museum treasures that will lead her into the most dangerous of situations.  The story takes us from Cleveland, OH to Germany. 

 A missing masterwork in wood, the last creation of a master carver who died in the violent tumult of the sixteenth century, may be hidden in a medieval German castle in the town of Rothenburg.  Vicky and her friend Tony are both history experts with several degrees, and throughout the book discuss the events of a Peasant rebellion in the time of the early Reformation so we can understand the significance of the historical clues to the disappearance of the last masterpiece of a Reformation artist. The prize has called to Vicky and Tony, and a bet between them take them into the forbidding citadel of Rothenburg and its dark secrets. But the treasure hunt soon turns deadly. Here, where the blood of the long forgotten damned stains ancient stones, Vicky must face two equally perilous possibilities. Either a powerful supernatural evil inhabits this place. . .or someone frighteningly real is willing to kill for what Vicky is determined to find.