Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Vintage Caper by Peter Mayle

I enjoyed this book more for it's epicurean delights of French food and a mind boggling assortment of excellent wines.  A sort of travel log for the taste buds.  

There is a mystery to be solved in a predictable plot behind this gastronomic adventure, but I enjoyed this book more for my taste buds than for my sense of mystery.  This book is a pleasant stroll through the French provinces and in the glasses of wine downed and decadent meals consumed.
A Hollywood lawyer's most treasured and expensive wines are stolen, his insurance company calls in Sam Levitt, a gourmand and lawyer-of-all-trades with a varied background, to investigate.

The investigation takes Sam to Paris and Bordeaux, where he hooks up with the elegant insurance agent Sophie Costes, a fellow wine and food snob. The trail finally leads them to a man named Francis Reboul in Marseille, and soon, with the help of Sophie's journalist cousin, Phillipe, they get an in with Reboul and close in on closing the caper.

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