Monday, May 2, 2011

Roux Morgue (Mary Ryan, Pastry Chef Mysteries) by Claire Johnson

If your in a bad mood and don't want anyone cheering you up or love to complain this is the perfect book for you.  This book would be excellent if the main character Mary wasn't such a whiner.  Mary managed to complain through the entire book and now all I can do is whine and complain about it. lol.

I finished the book because the story line kept my interest and I enjoy a good murder mystery, but if Mary is a whiner through the entire series, I won't be reading another.  Just not my preference in reading.
Mary Ryan is forced to return to teaching at the École d’Épicure, the culinary school where she had inaugurated her career. The faculty clearly don’t get along with one another and are picking sides and expecting Mary to choose a side.  To add to her distress, an old flame, a police detective on medical leave, unexpectedly appears as a student. Then a chef dies from an allergic reaction in the dining room, and Ryan’s life is once again turned topsy-turvy as she uncovers clues that the woman’s demise was perhaps not accidental.

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