Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn

I'm not a huge fan of Victorian romance but I keep going back to give it another try.
Just Like Heaven is a cute story, even though it was easy to see how the book will end even in the first few chapters.  The main characters were very likeable but loved to say the other ones name. I wish I would have counted how many times Marcus said Honoria in the book.  The repetition got old fairly quickly.

Set in early 1800's England, I'm fascinated at the clothing the ladies had to wear.  Thank goodness denim jeans came along in my lifetime.
The book begins when Marcus and Daniel are young boys and meet at school.  Honoria, Daniels sister was younger than the boys and they considered her a pest to be ignored.  The book then moves on to Honoria reaching the age of marriage and has yet to find someone suitable.  She only sees Marcus as a brother and good friend since she has known him all her life and he practically lived at their house growing up.

We watch Marcus and Honoria dance around as their feeling for each other develop into something serious.  Even though Honoria continues to find a man other than Marcus to marry, we continue to hope for the best.

It's interesting that the book doesn't settle on anyone having a real job.  Marcus was an Earl.  I have no idea what he did to get money to afford a huge house and servants.  Or anyone else in the book - except for the doctor and house staff, everyone was free to wander as they wished.

I've heard Julia Quinn's earlier books are much more entertaining.  I may have to give her one more try, since this book did have a likeable factor to it.

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