Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich can do no wrong by me.  I have enjoyed every book I read by her and this is another addition to my list.
Kate Appleton needs a job. Her husband has left her, she’s been fired from her position as a magazine editor, and the only place she wants to go is to her parents’ summer house, The Nutshell, in Keene’s Harbor, Michigan.
Kate’s plan is to turn The Nutshell into a Bed and Breakfast. Problem is, she needs cash, and the only job she can land is less than savory. 
Kate is having trouble finding work, so Matt Culhane gives Kate a chance working at his micro-brewery/restaurant.  Kate's job is to spy on his brewery employees. Someone has been sabotaging his company, and Kate is just new enough in town that she can insert herself into Culhane’s business and snoop around for him. 
If Kate finds the culprit, Matt will pay her a $20,000 bonus. Needless to say, Kate is highly motivated. But several problems present themselves. Kate despises beer. No one seems to trust her. And she is falling hard for her boss. 
As you read it, you may think her parents are a bit exaggerated, but let me say from first hand experience, parents can sometimes be self-absorbed in their love for each other.
A great read, Evanovich style!

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