Monday, March 10, 2014

Storm Warning: The 39 Clues - Book 9 by Linda Sue Park

The whole story line of the 39 Clues is a bit unbelievable since 2 children and an unrelated guardian manage to travel all over the world, with unlimited funds and escaping near death in every adventure.  Yet, for a YA book, I find the characters enjoyable and continue to read the series.

Amy and Dan are going to Jamaica to find the next clue. They find out that their rival, Eisenhower knows where they're going and they start suspecting their closest friend, Nellie is betraying them. When they get on the plane Nellie tells them what she's doing but didn't tell them who she was working for.

On their way Amy and Dan found a bear claw, a serpent medallion, a small silver snake that's a nose ring, a strip of gold, and a dragon fang. These things were used to open a special box and their new friend, Lester got that kind of box for them but he sacrificed himself to prevent it from Amy and Dan's worst enemy, Isabel. Nellie brought Amy and Dan and the box to the person she was working for and that person told them to open the box in less than one hour. They had managed to open it and then the person told them that he was Fiske Cahill. Fiske helped them by telling them seven clues and Amy and Dan started to trust Nellie.

They found out that the next clue is in England and were told to win the clue hunt and bring all of the Cahill family including Dan and Amy's enemy's together. After that, they set off to England.

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