Friday, April 4, 2014

And Then You Dye (Needlecraft Mystery 16) by Monica Ferris

This series has another cast of enjoyable characters that I enjoy visiting every time.

Betsy is a natural-born yarnsmith—so it’s only fitting that some of her favorite items to stock come from the dye-works of Hailey Brent. Hailey makes hand-dyed knitting wool, silk, soy, and corn yarns. She uses only natural vegetable dyes, creating soft and beautiful colors. Which means her yarns are expensive, but well worth it.

Unfortunately, someone thinks they’re worth killing for.

When Hailey’s body is discovered shot dead in her workshop, Betsy discovers that there was a lot about Hailey she would have never guessed. Like her penchant for stealing other’s property for her own use. Her use of dangerous additives to create her so-called all-natural fibers. And a scheming mind that had made her more than one enemy.

The police start investigating and soon put Marge, who owns the nursery next to Hailey’s home, on the suspect list. Marge approaches Betsy to prove her innocence, and Betsy un-eager to do so, agrees to look into the case.

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