Friday, January 7, 2011

Maybe This Tiime by Jennifer Crusie

There is lots of mystery and mayhem in this book.  Crusie has a talent to get you smiling even while walking you through a scary adventure with death and ghosts.  The characters are well rounded and interesting.  There's no time for a dull moment in this book.

Andie Miller thinks she is ready for marriage again but her ex-husband, North Archer, asks her for one final favor before she says I-do.

A distant cousin of his has died and left North, an attorney, as the guardian of two orphans and the nannies he's tried don't stay around for long.  He asks Andie to care for them for 'just one month'.

The orphans, Carter and Alice, aren’t your average delinquents, and the creepy old haunted house where they live is being run by the worst housekeeper since Mrs. Danvers.   Once Andie settles into the old house a great cast of characters start arriving - and not all through the front door. 

If Andie can just get rid of all the guests and ghosts, she’s pretty sure she can save the kids and get on with her wedding.  Then North shows up on the doorstep and things get complicated.

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