Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dating Dead Men by Harley Jane Kozak

This is the first book in the Wollie Shelley series.
This is a fun read. Full of unexpected romance and adventure. 
 The antics of Wollie Shelley, greeting card designer and small business owner, remind me of Stephanie Plum. Wollie is dating 40 men in 60 days as part of a research project for a bestselling radio personality; the $5,000 fee could help her struggling greeting card store.

Her already full plate gets loaded up further when her paranoid schizophrenic brother, P.B., phones to tell her he's witnessed a murder.

Before long Wollie is swept into a mystery involving the mafia, strange Swedes, the three 'C's all the while she's falling for a man called 'Doc'.

Wollie Shelley, is warm, believable and likeable right from the first page along with all the rest of the colorful characters. 

I will definitely continue reading this series.

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