Sunday, March 20, 2011

Exclusive - Godmother Series by Fern Michaels

This is the second book in this series.  I love the premise of the 'Godmothers' even though it hasn't received great reviews.  You can't always judge a book by others reviews.  Also,  I like to read series books in order, but you don't need to in order to follow this story.
 In this installment Abbe, who works for a National Enquirer-like tabloid, The Informer, has just taken over as editor.. The old editor disappeared and the new owners hired her to take over.

Abbe's mother along with her mother's 3 friends who are all godmothers to Abbe have moved to California for awhile to be near Abbe.  Her mother, Toots Loudenberry, is independently wealthy and purchased a home on Malibu beach.  I love the lifestyle the older women take on - close to what I would envy - including the wealthy part.

What the reviewers don't like about this book is the story line of some shady characters who fumble through the book and just aren't smart enough to evolve into real people.  There is also a second plot about a haunting, that is fun and adventuresome, which reviewers could not accept just plain fun.

I enjoy the ramblings of the 4 women, Toots, Ida, Sophie, and Mavis, who live together in the mansion on the beach.  I hope there will be a third installment.

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