Friday, November 11, 2011

Dead by Midnight by Carolyn Hart

This is another installment of the Death on Demand bookstore mysteries.  Annie Darling is the owner of the book shop and once again helps solve the mystery of another murder on the small island of Broward's Rock.

It doesn't matter that the island is small - I still enjoy following Annie and her husband Max around the island and listen in as they slowly solve the mystery.  Max, although not a private eye, runs an unusual business that offers help to people in trouble.
A recent death of one of the bookstores just hired part time worker appears to be suicide, but Annie suspects murder.  In her deceased employees phone she finds a photo of a towel hidden at midnight in a gazebo which start her on the search for more clues.  The lack of fingerprints on a crystal mug, blood on a teenager's blue shirt, and the secret of a lovers' tryst are all part of the mystery.

Annie believes she has set the perfect trap for a merciless killer until her cell phone rings and Death keeps her talking on the phone.

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