Saturday, March 10, 2012

Waking Up In Charleston by Sherryl Woods

This is a book I didn't expect to like that much, but I did.  I wanted to keep reading because the character's are very real, caring and work hard to be good people - most of them. 

This review doesn't make it sound like much of a book, but it's worth reading.  Sherryl Woods does an excellent job letting us listen in to how people work through their problems and those that don't and make a mess of things.
The moment Amanda defied her rich and powerful father to marry Bobby O'Leary, Big Max disowned her. Even now, with Bobby dead and Amanda mired in debt, he refuses to forgive her.

But Caleb, the new man in Amanda's life, is determined to mend fences between father and daughter. He also has a far more personal mission—to make Amanda and her family his own. But when she learns how close he is to Big Max and the secret Caleb's been hiding, there's every chance she could walk away.

As a pastor, Caleb's used to calling on a higher power for help, and heaven knows it's going to take a miracle to fix this before it's too late.

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