Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Bliss by Mary Kay Andrews

Completed 1/4/14 ---  17286781 Synopsis:
The wedding is planned for Christmas eve. Eloise (wezzie) is having her mother, Marion Foley help her with the dress. redoing one that was her grandmothers.
Daniel, the groom, goes to work for a New York restaurant. he's a guest chef, design a menu and run the kitchen for a month. Wezzie had no idea the owner of the place is not a fat old lady and the photo she sees on the bulletin board of the sexy owner and her fiancee throws her off guard.
Wezzie travels around town to set up the food, flowers,  and the wedding.
It was only to be a small family gathering but the others make it sound like a major extravaganza. Weezie goes to yard and estate sales and her concept of buy and sell with a profit is spot on.  Then a week before the wedding she takes off to New York to surprise her fiancee.

In alternating chapters Beebe has her own story-she is 8 months pregnant, and runs a beach motel on Tybee Island with her live in boyfriend who is also the baby daddy. An old woman visits her to discuss her divorce from Richard who then went to jail 6 years earlier.

My thoughts:
This is the 4th book in this series with Bebe Loudermilk and Weezy Foley. I enjoy the 2 friends together and all their misadventures, but this last book had too much starry eyed - bride to be romance for me. I still highly recommend reading it, I felt Weezy was made to look too innocent in the light of her upcoming wedding. Read the book, I'll be interested in seeing how others feel about that.

Back to the misadventures... Christmas Bliss has it's fair share of fun, but could this be the last in the series if Weezy is getting married and Bebe is having a baby?

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