Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Body in the Piazza - Katherine Hall Page

Completed 1/12/14 -
Faith Fairchild and her husband are celebrating a big anniversary with a trip to Italy, filled with exquisite indulgences—the art, the Chianti, the food, the Ferragamos! After a weekend in Rome, they travel to Tuscany, where Faith's former assistant Francesca has opened a cooking school. 

But, along with pecorino, panna cotta, and prosecco, it looks like murder and mayhem are also on the menu! On their fist night in the Eternal City, the Fairchilds stumble upon a dying man in the Piazza Farnese.  Mysterious characters from Rome resurface in Tuscany. And somebody is intent on sabotaging Francesca's new business. It's up to Faith to put everything right—and still whip up a mean Spaghetti a la Foriana, of course!

My review:
This is a fun foodie book with a little mystery on the side. Plenty of Italian food to drool over and the talk about Tuscany towns and scenery made me want to go back again.  

There were pieces that could have been played into more but the story line moved on to something else.
It almost felt like there was more to the story but things were cut out in editing.
Too bad, it's a cute, fast little mystery with a fun romp through Tuscany.
It's worth ready, just for fun.

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  1. I haven't read this author before, and I'm sorry you thought the book was lacking in some areas. Thanks for adding your review to the Foodies Read Challenge!