Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Cabinet of Wonders: The Kronos Chronicles: Book I

Filled with magic, mayhem, mystery, adventure and a touch of history, this is an excellent adventure story for YA.   Once they start this series, they are sure to want to read more.
 Twelve-year-old Petra Kronos is shocked when her father is returned to their village without his eyes. The young Prince of Bohemia had commissioned Mikhail Kronos, who has a magical gift with metal and machines, to create a magnificent clock. Before its completion, however, the prince had the artisan's eyes removed, hoping to use their magical qualities, along with the clock, to gain control of the Hapsburg Empire and possibly the world. Petra, along with her well-read tin spider, Astrophil, sneaks off to Prague in order to get the eyes back. With help from a Roma boy, Neel, and his sister, Petra gets a job at the castle and is one step closer to retrieving her father's eyes and preventing the prince from misusing the clock's power. Her adventures also lead her to discover more of her own abilities, magical and otherwise.

This is a solid fantasy that finishes its story but leaves the door open for further episodes.

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