Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts

This is the conclusion to a quartet series by Nora Roberts.  I love her writing and she didn't disappoint me.  This series is about contemporary romance that perfectly celebrates the importance of love, friendship, and family in any woman’s life.
As the wedding planner for Vows, Parker Brown manages to make every wedding the perfect day for her clients. From demanding brides to feuding guests to last-minute menu changes, Parker can handle anything and anyone with aplomb. Nothing and no one rattles her, until Malcomb Kavanaugh unexpectedly kisses her one day after helping her fix a flat tire. At first, Parker dismisses the kiss as just another twist to Malcomb’s always flirtatious nature, but as it turns out, the sexy auto mechanic really is interested in starting something with Parker. Somehow, though, the whole idea of a serious romantic relationship with Malcomb is enough to rattle her.

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