Sunday, February 6, 2011

Footsteps in the Dark - Georgette Heyer

This is an excellent cozy mystery!  The way I felt while reading this book brought me back to my Nancy Drew days - only a more adult version.  Excellent writing, never a dull moment.  You will meet a bunch of crazy characters - there is a moth collector, a drunken french artist, a man named Strange and...  a haunted house? 

here's the story...
Locals claim it is haunted and refuse to put a single toe past the front door, but to siblings Peter, Celia, and Margaret, the Priory is nothing more than a rundown estate inherited from their late uncle-and the perfect setting for a much-needed holiday.

But when a odd noises are heard in the drafty Priory halls, the once unconcerned trio begins to fear that the ghostly rumors are true and they are not alone after all! With a ghost on the loose, will they find themselves the next victims of a supernatural predator, or will they uncover a far more corporeal culprit?

I will definitely need to read more Georgette Heyer books.

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