Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chocolate Magic by Zelda Benjamin

This book is the sequel to Chocolate Secrets (2008), which really frustrates me because I liked the book so much, I have to go back and read the 1st in the series and I know much more about the first book already.

This is a charming tale of chocolate and love. Chloe Brandeau is chocolatier with her own chocolate store. When this book starts, her aunt has already passed away and left the an apartment building in Chloe's name, along with a crazy cast of misfit tenants. Chloe's finances and her life are now taking a turn for the worse.

Her friends keep pressuring her to find a man and add some romance to her life.  One has even gone so far as setting up dates for her which Chloe agrees to.  She dates a man wearing a hot dog suit and a man that drives a van with a toilet bruch on the top of the van.  

Enter Ethan Behar, a handsome real-estate developer who makes an offer for the apartment building and expresses a conflictful romantic interest in Chloe and her remarkable chocolates.

With a cast of lovable characters, clever and sharp dialogue, a brisk pace, and delicious descriptions, Benjamin tells a sweet and romantic story of love, and of learning to trust, that is great fun to read.  You'll be craving chocolate by the time your finished.

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  1. I'll have to read with a bag of Dove Chocolates next to me :)